Alyssa K. Whitson v. Crispers LLC.

The Sarasota workers’ compensation case of Alyssa K. Whitson v. Crispers LLC. concerned the court orders for a work accident from 2008. The claimant’s attorney fought for a wheelchair-accessible van for the claimant, instead of the 24/7 transportation service that had been authorized by the employer.
The claimant argued against the transportation service, citing her fear of strangers, the lacking availability of the service, and the cost as being unreasonable. The JCC determined these reasons as being “quality of life considerations”, which are not rational for court decisions. Therefore, the claimant failed to prove that a wheelchair-accessible van was more appropriate than the 24/7 transportation service.

Claim for wheelchair-accessible van DENIED
Claim for attorney fees DENIED

The 440 Authority

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