Anthony Adam Langer v. Region Hub/The Parts House

In the case of Anthony Adam Langer v. Region Hub/The Parts House, the claimant was involved in an industrial accident in the course and scope of his workplace. Medical care and benefits were authorized for the claimant, and this hearing was centered around the claimant’s request for a one-time change (OTC) of physician.
The claimant sent a fax requesting an OTC provider, but the E/C argued that the OTC request was hidden in a document labeled for a different purpose. The transmittal outlined in the document deliberately omitted the time-sensitive request. The cases of Gonzalez v. Quinco Electrical, Inc. and Zekanovic v. American II, Corp. were referenced in the E/C’s defense, since both of these cases were initiated by claimants who deliberately misled the E/C.
The claimant voluntarily dismissed their claims and re-filed a Petition for Benefits which the E/C responded to with an OTC in accordance with Florida Statute 440.13(2)(f).

Claim for OTC DENIED; Claim for attorney fees DENIED

Source: The 440 Authority

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