Anthony Shannon Johnson v. MSN Delivery’s

In the Orlando workers compensation case of Anthony Shannon Johnson v. MSN Delivery’s, the claimant had an accident on the job. They were let go a few days later, and the employer testified that the claimant was not a good employee. The E/C claimed that the claimant complained about knee injuries before the alleged accident. The employer also stated that the claimant never informed them that the knee injury happened in the workplace.
In opposition, claimant informed the JCC that they did tell their employer about the work injury, which was supported by text message evidence. The claimant also had hospital medical records and an IME that indicated knee pain for about one month. Medical evidence from the claimant’s IME and the E/C’s IME were favorable to the claimant.

Compensation and medical authorization GRANTED
Temporary partial disability GRANTED
Attorney fees GRANTED

The 440 Authority

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