Belkis Batista v. Publix Super Markets

Belkis Batista v. Publix Super Markets, a Fort Myers workers compensation case, concerned the authorization of arthroscopic surgery. The claimant fell and injured herself, reporting the accident to her supervisors, but not obtaining any medical treatment. Five months later, the claimant went in for a doctor’s appointment, which then led to surgery and pain management care. Her surgery and follow-up were done under her private health insurance, and she was placed at MMI with 0% impairment and no restrictions.
The claimant had a condition prior to the accident that was exacerbated by knee strain. Though this was the case, the claimant failed to prove that the MCC of her condition was the accident itself.

Claim for TTD/TPD DENIED; Claim for medical authorization DENIED; Claim for penalties and interest DENIED

The 440 Authority

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