Chris Conte v. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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Chris Conte v. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Great Divide Insurance) | Tampa Workers Comp

In the Tampa workers’ compensation case of Chris Conte v. Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the claimant filed seven petitions for benefits. The claimant filed notices of voluntary dismissal, and the employer was found to be the prevailing party on each of these petitions.

The majority of medical conferences, depositions and record fees were deemed necessary as defenses of the claims. One of the authorized physicians on the case charged for three expert witness fees, although this was found to be an error. The authorized physicians were entitled to two expert witness fees, both limited to $200.00 an hour. Upon examination of the rates and time spent in court, the employer was granted and denied in their motion to tax costs. Additionally, the claimant was found responsible for reimbursing the employer for taxable costs.

Employer verified motion to tax costs GRANTED/DENIED IN PART
Reimbursement for taxable costs ASSESSED $5,972.75

The 440 Authority

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