Cristo Aguilar v. Noe Gonzalez

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Cristo Aguilar v. Noe Gonzalez and Robert Binns Roofing (FRSA Self Insurers Fund) | Orlando Workers Comp

At the final hearing of Cristo Aguilar v. Noe Gonzalez, an Orlando workers’ compensation case, the employer denied the claimant’s petition for medical care. The claimant’s supervisor took them to a health clinic and later the hospital. The supervisor did not attempt to contact the claimant again, but the responsible contractor and carrier retroactively paid the hospital charges after they were made aware of them.

The claimant could not reach their former supervisor, making them unable to access authorized medical care for a time.  The employer claimed that their initial payment of medical services made them unaccountable for further medical care of the claimant. Due to the authorization of initial care and doctors’ testimony that medical care was necessary, the JCC determined that the claimant was entitled to payment of medical bills in part.

Payment of medical bills GRANTED IN PART
Attorney fees GRANTED

The 440 Authority

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