Dennis Miller v. World Fiber Technologies

Dennis Miller v. World Fiber Technologies was a Panama City workers’ compensation case regarding an accident from 2014.The claimant filed for chiropractic treatment and permanent total disability (PTD) benefits. The employer arose a res judicata defense in response.
The Florida Statute does not consider chiropractic services beyond 24 treatments or 12 weeks to be medically necessary treatment. Catastrophic injuries are exempt from this rule, but the claimant’s injury was not classified as such.
In regards to the PTD benefits, the claimant failed to prove he was not physically able to work, and evidence of his job search was insufficient. The JCC did consider that the claimant had reached MMI prior to an earlier hearing in 2017, meaning PTD was barred for that time period. However, the dates following were not barred from PTD benefits.

Authorized medical care DENIED
PTD GRANTED in part and DENIED in part

The 440 Authority

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