Donald Bravo v. YRC Worldwide

Donald Bravo v. YRC Worldwide was a case in which the Claimant requested authorization of emergency medical treatment.
However, according to Florida Statute 440.13(3)(b(2018) his emergency care was not compensable, since the issue was not a direct result of the work-related accident in 2018. This was supported by Dr. Julio Robla, who testified that the Claimant’s emergency visit was not a direct result of the arthroscopy he received for his accident.
The Claimant did not have any evidence against Dr. Robla or the E/C in this instance, meaning he failed to provide burden of proof to the court. In accordance with Florida Statute 440.09(1), the claimant also failed to demonstrate the MCC through medical evidence to be from the work-related accident.

Claim for compensability/authorization of medical treatment DENIED; Claim for attorney fees and costs DENIED; PFB DISMISSED

Source: The 440 Authority

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