Eddy Mills v. Goodwill

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Eddy Mills v. Goodwill (Gallagher Bassett Services) | Miami Workers Comp

Eddy Mills v. Goodwill was a Miami workers’ compensation case concerning the claimant’s Temporary Partial Disability (TPD) payments. The employer arose two main defenses, among others, against the claimant.

In the first defense, the employer accused the claimant of misconduct. The claimant had used his own money to pay for a customer’s purchase, which was against company policy. The JCC determined that the circumstances did not violate the policy, and the claimant was not guilty of misconduct.

The employer’s second defense was that the claimant had failed to satisfy a prior cost order. It was determined that the suspension of benefits was an appropriate response, but that did not include the adjudication of the pending TPD issue.

Misconduct defense DENIED
TPD benefits GRANTED
Payments SUSPENDED until cost order paid

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