Edwin Bates v. Department of Corrections

The Lakeland workers’ compensation case of Edwin Bates v. Department of Corrections concerned a claimant’s heart attack. Medical care and temporary total disability (TTD) benefits were granted, and the claimant underwent treatment before being placed at maximum medical improvement (MMI).
The claimant attempted to claim compensation for a psychiatric condition resulting from the accident but was denied by their employer. Due to differing medical opinions brought before the court, an expert medical advisor (EMA) was appointed to resolve the issue. The EMA did not review evidence served in a surveillance video before siding with the claimant, and a post-hearing discovery was ordered. Upon reviewing the surveillance video, the EMA did not change their judgment. They declared the claimant to be suffering major depressive disorder due to the injury, and that the claimant was entitled to all requested benefits.

Psychiatric care and treatment GRANTED
TPD (and penalties and interest for late payment) GRANTED
Average weekly wage (AWW) of 963.19 (after cancellation of health benefits) and 549.89 (during period with health insurance benefits) GRANTED
Attorney fees GRANTED

The 440 Authority

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