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Unpaid Wages
Unfortunately, it is far too common that an employer will not pay an employee the wages he or she is entitled to under employment law. This is illegal and a violation of both Florida and Federal law. In January 2017, the minimum wage in Florida rose to $8.10 per hour. If you are not receiving this much, depending on your industry, you might be entitled to damages. Additionally, if you have not been paid for time that you were required to “suffer” work (i.e., be on the job, at the workplace, available, etc.) and were not paid, you are entitled to compensation, potential liquidated damages, attorney fees and costs. To learn more about your rights regarding unpaid wages, please contact our office today.

Have you worked overtime and not been paid? If so, you are entitled to wages at the rate of time-and-a-half for all overtime hours worked. Further, if you have worked and your employer does not take good records of the time you work, the burden is on the employer to prove that you have not worked the hours you have stated. If they cannot, you are entitled to overtime compensation under the Fair Labor Standards Act. Furthermore, the law makes sure that you, the Florida employee, has the ability to hire good, competent counsel to represent you in these unpaid wage and overtime matters — if we prevail, the employer pays our fees. If we do not prevail, you owe us nothing. Please feel free to contact KotlerLaw today to discuss your case at a free initial consultation.

Hostile Workplace
When employers create a workplace that fosters fear and hostility, employees have rights that have been violated. If an employee has been singled out and harassed or demeaned by their employer or manager, the attorneys at KotlerLaw will help you to make sure that your employer and the parties responsible are held accountable, you have a safe and healthy work environment, and you have been compensated for your damages. Like a wrongful termination, hostile work environments can be created by:

An employee blowing the whistle on employer wrongdoing;

Retaliation against an employee filing a worker’s compensation claim;
A sexually charged workplace; and
Allegations of race, age or sex discrimination.
If you encounter any of the above, the attorneys at KotlerLaw will help you through the process, educate you about your rights, negotiate a fair settlement or, if need be, file suit to hold the wrong-doers accountable.

Discrimination can take form in many ways. The most common forms of workplace discrimination usually involve that of sex and gender discrimination. Other common forms of workplace discrimination include:

Pregnancy discrimination
Religious discrimination
Age discrimination
Race discrimination
Disability discrimination

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