Gabriela Elisa Flores Gonzales v. L&M Endeavors

The Melbourne workers’ compensation case of Gabriela Elisa Flores Gonzales v. L&M Endeavors regarded whether the claimant was owed compensation for an emergency related to their workplace accident. The employer denied the claim, citing that the claimant had not requested authorization prior to going to the hospital and that the claimant already had authorized treating providers.

The JCC disagreed with the employer’s defenses since the claimant testified that her visit was an emergency, and they were unable to get prior authorization. The claimant did attempt to see their authorized doctor but they were unable to get into the office due to it being a holiday. Due to the circumstances and testimony of the claimant and their independent medical examiner (IME), compensation of the emergency medical services was granted.

Claim for authorization and financial responsibility GRANTED
Attorney fees GRANTED

The 440 Authority

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