Gary Williams v. Southern Scrap

Gary Williams v. Southern Scrap (ESIS WC Claims) | Pensacola Workers’ Compensation Case

In Gary Williams v. Southern Scrap, the claimant was involved in an industrial accident. They continued working for 13 months following the accident, later alleging that a neck and traumatic brain injury had occurred. They filed a claim for  Permanent Total Disability (PTD), and an expert medical advisor (EMA) opined that the claimant’s cognitive difficulties and cervical herniation were causally related.

Contrary medical opinions were presented with evidence that early treatment showed no related symptoms to the injury. The claimant failed to prove any causal relationship between their conditions and the accident. They had also returned to work after the accident, contradicting their claim for PTD.

Claim for PTD and benefits DENIED
Claim for pain management, cognitive evaluation, and functional evaluation DENIED
Attorney fees denied

The 440 Authority

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