George A. Scott, III v. Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office and Johns Eastern Company, Inc.

In George A. Scott, III v. Sarasota County Sheriffs Office and Johns Eastern Company, Inc. the Claimant suffered a compensable injury while working as a deputy. A year after Claimant’s accident he was transferred to a cardiologist and was eventually discharged and assigned a 25% impairment rating. Claimant was then told by the employer that unless he was cleared to work without restrictions, he would be terminated in 14 business days. Claimant then spoke with the authorized provider regarding his possible termination and the authorized provider scheduled claimant for a stress test to determine whether he could return to full duty. The authorized provider then released claimant to full duty. The claimant’s impairment rating was then reduced to 10% which then caused the impairment income benefits to stop. The Claimant argues that his PIR is 25% while the E/C argues that the PIR is 10%. The JCC looked to the testimonies of all authorized providers and found that Claimant’s PIR is 25%. Impairment benefits based on a 25% PIR GRANTED.

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