Glenda Carrington v. Baycare Health Systems

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Glenda Carrington v. Baycare Health Systems – Morton Plant Hospital (Commercial Risk Management) | St Pete Workers Comp

In the final compensation order of Glenda Carrington v. Baycare Health Systems, a St. Petersburg workers’ compensation case, the claimant was unrepresented. The claimant provided conflicting testimony, stating that they became asthmatic both before and after a workplace incident.

The claimant failed to provide evidence as a burden of proof that their asthma was caused by their workplace. Their pending claims for compensation and medical and indemnity benefits were denied.

Temporary Total/ Temporary Partial Disability (TTD/TPD) DENIED
Compensation and authorization of medical care DENIED
Average Weekly Wage (AWW) DENIED
Penalties and interest fees DENIED
Attorney fees DENIED

The 440 Authority

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