Jacob F. Alderman v. City of Tampa

The workers compensation case of Jacob F. Alderman v. City of Tampa regarded whether the claimant had made a timely request for benefits. The claimant believed their petition for benefits was filed punctually, due to paying their authorized care in July of 2019. The E/C argued otherwise since the authorized care took place in June; the Statute of Limitations had expired in that month.

Following the Florida Statute, the claimant’s attorney argued that they were owed compensation specifically “one year from the date of payment”. Despite the wording in this statute, the JCC dismissed the claimant’s claims, since authorized medical treatment had been concluded prior to this visit.


Claim for compensation, reimbursement, and medical authorization DENIED

Claim for attorney fees DENIED

Petition for benefits DENIED and DISMISSED


The 440 Authority

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