James B. Vann v. J & M Ranch, Inc. and Summit

In James B. Vann v. J & M Ranch, Inc and Summit Claimant suffered from constant cervical spine pain and was given a prescription for a swim spa from a physician assistant. During the deposition of the authorized physician he agreed that the Claimant would benefit from spa treatment but this related to aquatic therapy in general and not an in-home spa in particular. Claimant argued that an in-home spa is necessary because he was diagnosed with a generalized anxiety disorder. Claimant did not testify regarding his anxiety about going to a public facility to use a spa nor did he testify that the recommended aquatic therapy was helpful. JCC found that the Claimant has not met his burden of proof to establish that an in-home spa, as opposed to therapy in a public place is medically necessary. Petition DENIED.

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