Kasheena McKee v. Pierce Manufacturing

In the case of Kasheena McKee v. Pierce Manufacturing, the Claimant contacted human resources and requested authorization for medical care, but received none. It was proven that the Claimant did not see a doctor for neck/shoulder discomfort prior to said injury. However, following the accident, she went to a clinic where she received both medication and an MRI scan, providing work slips to her employer. Her requests for compensation were denied.
Due to no evidence of a pre-existing condition, the Claimant was found to have suffered a compensable injury. She was denied temporary total disability (TTD), however pursuant to Wyeth/Pharma Field Sales v. Toscano, she was granted temporary partial disability (TPD) from August 19, 2020 to present.
The Claimant was also determined to be entitled to additional medical treatment.

Claim for compensability GRANTED; Claim for TTD DENIED; Claim for TPD GRANTED; Claim for authorization of medical treatment GRANTED; Claim for reimbursement GRANTED; Claim for attorney fees GRANTED

Source: The 440 Authority

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