Kennith Meyers v. Truly Nolen Pest Control and Broadspire Services, Inc.

In Kennith Meyers v. Truly Nolan Pest Control and Broadspire Services, Inc. E/C denied entire claim arguing that Claimant’s alleged injury did not arise out of employment; Claimant’s work did not expose him to an increased risk; No occupational causation; The work accident is not the MCC of Claimant’s disability or need for treatment; Claimant’s injury is idiopathic and pre-existing. Claimant testified that he was injured when he stood up after kneeling down to place bait in a rodent box. The JCC found that Claimant brought a personal risk to the job site when his alleged injury occurred in the form of his preexisting degenerative disc disease. Ultimately JCC found that Claimant’s work was not the preponderant cause of his accident or his need for treatment. Compensability DENIED; all petitions DENIED and DISMISSED.

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