Lorrie Ann Thurman v. Carrol Fulmer Logistics

Lorrie Ann Thurman v. Carrol Fulmer Logistics Corporation followed an accident that occurred on March 20, 2020 that was previously accepted by the E/C as a compensable injury. The E/C later claimed that the claimant had falsely represented the injuries to gain workers’ compensation benefits.
Thurman was found to have previous medical history concerning her neck that began in 2015 after a motor vehicle accident. On her medical records following the March 2020 accident, the claimant denied being treated for any prior neck pain. Her pre-employment application for her E/C did not list the 2015 accident, and she did not indicate having any neck/back problems.
Based on these circumstances, it was found that the client intentionally did not disclose former conditions, making her request for workers’ compensation fraudulent based under the Workers’ Compensation Law; sections 440.105(4)(b), 440.09(4), and 440.105 in the Florida Statute; and City of Hialeah v. Bono and Cal-Maine Foods v. Howard.
The E/C met the requirements for proving fraud in accordance with Village of North Palm Beach v. McKale.

All benefits BARRED; petition DENIED and DISMISSED

Source: The 440 Authority

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