Marquis Collins v. L & M Endeavors LLC and Amerisure Insurance

In Marquis Collins v. L&M Endeavors LLC and Amerisure Insurance the Claimant was injured while working as a solar panel installer. Claimant gave two different descriptions of his accident but with both descriptions alleges injury to his right hip. E/C argues that they accepted Claimant’s right hip injury as compensable and authorized medical care with Dr. Lang. During Dr. Lang’s deposition, he testified that Claimant engaged in video telehealth encounters with providers in his practice on five occasions. Dr. Lang also testified that Claimant had a right hip MRI done. Claimant was then placed at MMI. The Claimant obtained an IME from Dr. Kugler and provides Dr. Kugler’s testimony as support for his claim. Dr. Kugler recommended an MRI but Claimant never followed through. Claimant contends that Dr. Lang should not be considered an authorized physician because the visits were done via teleconference. The JCC was unpersuaded by this argument. Petition DENIED and DISMISSED, with prejudice.

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