Mohammed Bouayad v. Value Car Rental LLC

The case of Mohammed Bouayad v. Value Car Rental LLC was a legal debate of course and scope. It was determined that the claimant’s injuries came from his employment and the nature of said employment, which was consistent with Santizo-Perez v. Genaro’s Corp., 138 So. 3d 1148 (Florida First DCA 2014) and Fort Pierce Growers Ass’n v. Storey, 158 Fla. 192, 193, 29 So. 2d 205. (Florida 1947). There was proven to be an ongoing risk from Bouayad’s place of work, in accordance with Strother v. Morrison Cafeteria, 383 So. 2d 623, 624 (Florida 1980).
The E/C used the first Valcourt-Williams decision as their defense, however the first Valcourt decision did not align with multiple cases of similar caliber.
Remaining consistent with several other cases and in accordance with Rule 9.180(b)(1)(C), it was determined that the claimant was entitled to compensation.

Compensability GRANTED; E/C APPEALED


Source: The 440 Authority

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