Patricia Lindgren v. Centene Corporation

Patricia Lindgren v. Centene Corporation was a Fort Myers workers compensation case in which the E/C accused the claimant of fraud and denied their benefits. They had previously authorized a doctor who testified that the MCC of the claimant’s condition was a result of the industrial accident. The E/C also sought the evaluation of an IME, who made observations that contrasted with the first doctor. The IME stated that the claimant had reached MMI and that she had no impairment rating from the accident.
Based on this evaluation, the E/C argued that all benefits should be denied, since the claimant did not disclose prior medical issues. The claimant defended her failure to disclose in that her other accident had been minor. Little documentation was found, and she immediately returned to work with no follow-up care.
The E/C additionally tried to waive their responsibility to compensate for medical treatment performed by the first doctor. However, they failed to do so within 120 days of the first authorized treatment, as is required by the Florida Statute.

E/C fraud/misrepresentation defense DENIED
E/C apportionment claim DENIED
Claimant request for surgery GRANTED
Temporary total disability GRANTED

The 440 Authority

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