Samantha Lee Denis v. Spencer Gifts Holding

Samantha Lee Denis v. Spencer Gifts Holding (Sentry Select Insurance Company) | Orlando Workers Comp

In Samantha Lee Denis v. Spencer Gifts Holding, the employer agreed to compensate the claimant’s accident. The claimant petitioned for various medical benefits; attendant care, modified housing, a hot tub, a wheelchair-accessible vehicle, and an adjustable bed.

The employer was ordered to provide attendant care and reimburse the claimant’s husband and daughter for providing attendant care prior.  The employer used HARP to find suitable housing for the claimant. The claimant petitioned for reimbursement for the additional cost of temporary housing but was denied. Water therapy was offered to the claimant in lieu of a hot tub. A wheelchair-accessible vehicle and a hand lift for non-wheelchair-accessible vehicles was given to the claimant.  A king-sized bed was also granted to the claimant since it was deemed necessary that they have enough space to avoid being touched when sleeping.

The employer did authorize a gastroenterologist to provide care to the claimant but they did not authorize a physician to provide port care.

Medical benefits GRANTED
Reimbursement of attendant care GRANTED
Reimbursement of additional temporary housing costs DENIED
Gastroenterologist AUTHORIZED/ Port care physician DENIED
Attorney fees GRANTED

The 440 Authority

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