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Dawnmarie MacArthur v. Dillard’s

Dawnmarie MacArthur v. Dillard’s (Gallagher Bassett Service) | Tampa Workers’ Compensation Case At the commencement of the final hearing of Dawnmarie MacArthur v. Dillard’s, the claimant’s Daubert objection was considered by the JCC. Their objection was that the employer’s independent medical examiner (IME) was a general orthopedic physician and not qualified to testify for the …

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Dagoberto De Armas v. Armstrong Air & Heating

Dagoberto De Armas v. Armstrong Air & Heating and Amtrust North America of Florida was a Florida workers compensation case concerning whether the claimant should be transferred to a second independent medical examiner (IME). The claimant suffered from hypertension, and defended that their initial doctor was a qualified examiner of the injury. The E/C claimed …

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Jessica Shultz v. Nike

In the final hearing of Florida workers compensation case Jessica Shultz v. Nike, an Expert Medical Advisor (EMA) was appointed to determine whether the claimant was entitled to psychiatric care. The EMA diagnosed the claimant with Adjustment Disorder, but these claims were considered unsolicited. Two Independent Medical Examiners (IME) evaluated and provided reports on the …

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