Virginia Rouse v. Escambia County School District and Self Insured

In the case of Virginia Rouse v. Escambia County School District, the claimant, Virginia Rouse, worked as a local school teacher. She left her place of work on a matter of personal business and was rear-ended by a school bus, resulting in a neck injury.
Rouse filed a claim for benefits two months after the injury, and was refused on the basis of the “Going and Coming Rule” that is outlined in the Florida Statute under section 440.092(2). This ruling states that injuries suffered while traveling to and from work are not considered injuries caused under employment; except in the special case that the employee is traveling to perform a special errand requested by their employer. Employees who deviate from place of employment throughout the work day are not eligible for benefits, unless the arrangement is pre-agreed upon before any accident.
Therefore, in this case, Rouse was on a “personal mission”, which did not support her claim of deserving compensation.

Claim for compensability DENIED; Petition for benefits DISMISSED.


Source: The 440 Authority

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