William Algarin v. Bluelinx Corporation

William Algarin v. Bluelinx Corporation, a Tampa workers compensation case, concerned the extent of the claimant’s authorized medical care. The claimant had a wrist injury that was compensated by the E/C, however the E/C contested also providing compensation for the claimant’s alleged neck and shoulder injuries.
Based on the doctors’ testimony and medical evidence, the JCC determined the neck and shoulder to be compensable by the E/C. The JCC trusted the testimony of the claimant, the claimant’s wife, and the claimant’s IME doctor that the neck pain occurred within two months of the accident, making the accident the major contributing cause (MCC). The pain of the claimant’s neck and shoulder was unmentioned only due to the time he spent on painkillers that were administered for his other work injury.

Compensation and medical authorization GRANTED
Temporary total disability GRANTED

The 440 Authority

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