Zahava Soya v. Health First, Inc. and CCMSI

In Zahava Soya v. Health First, Inc. and CCMSI Claimant appeals the JCC’s order denying compensability of her injuries for an unexplained fall at work. The Claimant fell while leaving work but could not explain how she fell. The E/C retained an engineer to inspect the flooring area but found nothing wrong with the floor. The JCC denied compensability under Sedgwick CMS v. Valcourt-Williams stating that the injury did not arise out of employment. The DCA stated that where an accident’s cause is unknown, it is error to deny compensability based off of the assumption that the accident could have happened anywhere. The E/C also argued that Claimant was not “actively engaged” in work when the accident occurred. The DCA rejected this argument on the basis that walking out of a building after work is unavoidable. The DCA REVERSED the JCC’s order and REMANDED.

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