About Kotler Law - Workman's Comp

With veritable trial experience and an uncompromising focus on the client, Kotler Law applies a comprehensive approach to protecting injured workers and solving the challenges they face with their Workers Compensation experience. Kotler Law has deep roots in Tampa Bay and St. Petersburg, along with ties to New York and New Jersey metropolitan areas.  Kotler Law is wholly committed to being the firm where remarkable clients want to safeguard their Workers’ Compensation rights, talented teams want to work, and our communities can expect support.

Injured workers across the nation face unrelenting attack in the Workers’ Compensation system from an increasingly sophisticated, motivated and aggressive defense bar.  Adverse verdicts are skyrocketing and eight-figure awards are no longer the norm, but an exception in today’s litigation environment. In this turbulent and risky legal environment, Kotler Law, PLLC works to provide injured workers with sound, proven legal options they need and deserve.

Kotler Law is a Workers’ Compensation law firm handling cases in Florida state and federal court. The firm is dedicated to improving the Workers’ Compensation experience for injured workers while maximizing their rights. In recent years, the firm has expanded its practice areas to include federal criminal defense and debt collection harassment defense.

Kotler Law has taken many cases to verdict, firmly establishing its position as one of the state’s elite Claimant’s Workers’ Compensation firms at both the trial and appellate levels.