Teresa Jackson v. Buckhead Beef Florida / Royalty Foods and Corvel Corporation

Teresa Jackson v. Buckhead Beef Florida was the case of an injury that occurred in 2012. Teresa Jackson received medically necessary treatment with psychiatrist, Dr. Lakdawala. When the claimant moved to a new location, the E/C went through the process of finding a new psychiatrist to take over her treatment.
The new psychiatrist, Dr. Thomas Goldschmidt was scheduled with the claimant.
The claimant objected to Dr. Goldschmidt. She argued that Dr. Goldschmidt’s plan for accepting a new patient was not “remedial care” as she had requested. Instead, she claimed that he was intending on performing an independent medical evaluation (IME) based on the excessive pre-payment of $1,495.00.
Further evidence proved that Dr. Goldschmidt was not intending on performing an IME. The pre-payment was in full compliance with treating the claimant, and there was no evidence against that fact.

Claim for alternate psychiatrist in Broward that meets section 440.13 DENIED as E/C’s psychiatrist complies with section 440.13.


Source: The 440 Authority

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